Size and Law Schools


The 14 largest firms in Mexico are home to almost 1300 lawyers. These firms have sustained steady growth: Galicia Abogados doubled its size in the last lustrum and Creel García-Cuéllar Aiza y Enríquez grew by 140% during the same period.

Work On Law, 2021

Law Schools

As usual, a few law schools have managed to captivate the top legal services market. In Mexico, 44% of the lawyers in large law firms come from 3 schools; in Colombia, that number is 67%, and in Chile, 54% come from a single law school.

In Mexico, 44% graduated from one of these three universities (consider the country has 117 law schools):

1º Universidad Iberoamericana*
2º Universidad Panamericana**
Escuela Libre de Derecho***

* Ranks 1st at Creel García-Cuéllar Aiza y Enríquez with 44%; González Calvillo (36%); Ritch Mueller (29%); Nader Hayaux Goebel (25%); Mijares Angoitia Cortés y Fuentes (23%), Santamarina + Steta (17%); and Basham Ringer y Correa (17%).

** Ranks 1st at White and Case with 20% of lawyers; Galicia Abogados (16%) and Baker McKenzie Mexico (15%).

*** Ranks 1st at Von Wobeser y Sierra with 34% of lawyers; and Greenberg Traurig Mexico (25%).

The next chapter

A second chapter on Mexican big law demographics will deal with office locations and partners postgraduate studies, while our final post will analyze female representation and female partnership.

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